Get to know me.

👩‍💻 I am experienced in object-oriented programming and Python

🔍 I have great attention to detail

🌲 I am an outdoor enthusiast

⚽ I like to play soccer

Work Experience

Research Assistant (NSERC USRA), UBC Robotics & Control Lab

  • Designed, developed, tested and deployed a user-friendly medical imaging labeling software, used by clinicians across BC
  • Researched literature and integrated active machine learning algorithms for automatic cardiac video segmentation
  • Coded in Python utilizing packages such as Tkinter, TensorFlow, Keras, NumPy, padas, SciPy, PIL
  • Presented weekly updates and research papers to team members in virtual meetings

Personal Projects and Hackathons

Native Mobile Classroom Discussion Application

A Flutter native mobile messaging application for Android and iOS devices that enables effective discussions between teacher and students in an online learning environment.

EcoEats, cmd-f 2020 Hackathon Finalists

An Android mobile application that allows users to take a picture of their food and see the environmental impact of the food production in a quantifiable and intuitive way.

Class Projects

Here are some of the class projects that I am most proud off. These projects took many weeks of hard work to make and were done with a partner or in a group. Because these are class projects I can't share my code.

Security Robot

A home security robot which includes a live camera feed displayed on a website, camera motion detection and facial recognition, remote internet robot movement control and local GUI touch screen interface.

Simple RISC Machine

Created a RISC machine using Verilog that runs ARM Assembly language, capable of reading and writing from/to memory, computing arithmetic and branching operations, and supports function calls.

Spaceship Computer Game

Developed a graph ADT in Java that integrates with a computer game to maximize user score by implementing algorithms for shortest path and spanning tree computations.

Wikipedia Server Handler

Programmed a server using Java that can receive inquiries from multiple clients simultaneously and returns responses by pulling information from a Wikipedia API.